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Whether you are a textile or garment manufacturer, the ability to get a well-designed, appealing, “touch & feel” sample to your prospective buyer will:


  • Make the sales job easier
  • Increase customer memory of your product and specifications
  • Reduce returns due to incorrect colors or fabrics, reduces sample costs over piece good samples, and increase level of professionalism of your samples

... you name it, we’ve swatched it


  • Narrow fabrics (hot or cold cut, pinked edge or straight)
  • Threads & Yarns
  • Even belt buckles and buttons

The really good news is that we guarantee two week (that's right, 2) turnaround on your samples and we don't have  minimum quantities. We work with:


  • any type of fabric, knits, wovens, synthetics, Lyrca, Neoprene, viny, nylon tricot to 1/4" flame laminated foam

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